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Investment Policy


Investment of the assets of the Fund must comply with the FCA Regulations and its own investment objective and policy.

Details of the investment objective and policy are set out below:

Investment Objective

The objective of the Fund is to seek to achieve capital growth over the long term (at least 10 years) with some potential for the generation of income, however this is of secondary importance.

Investment Policy

To achieve the investment objective, the Trust’s investment policy through a balanced portfolio of assets is to invest a maximum 60% of the assets either directly or indirectly in global equities. The investment in global equities will typically range between 50% and 60%. The remaining portion of the Trust’s assets will be invested in corporate or government debt securities, which will include investment and sub- investment grade bonds (directly or indirectly), warrants, money market instruments, cash, near cash and deposits.

The Trust may invest in CIS which are managed by the AFM, a Portfolio Manager or their associates. Investment in CIS will generally be directed toward funds which invest primarily in equities and debt securities, however the Trust may invest in collective investment schemes which have different investment strategies or restrictions to the Trust, including the ability to invest in derivatives for investment purposes or gain exposure to assets which are not expressly included in this policy, for example commodities and property.

Indirect investment in securities will be achieved by investing in either regulated or unregulated CIS, which includes exchange traded funds and investment trusts or a combination of each.

The Trust is actively managed and has, with the exception of the above noted maximum, no limit to which it can be invested in each sector or asset type, nor is there any particular geographic focus. The Portfolio Manager has full flexibility to adjust the proportion of the property of the Trust depending on their view of market conditions and the assets which it believes are most likely to achieve the Trust’s investment objective.

The Trust may enter into derivatives and forward transactions for the purposes of efficient portfolio management (including hedging)


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