Ensuring your money is safe in the long-term
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Welcome to the Golden Leaves Trust

When you buy a Golden Leaves Funeral Plan, funds are paid directly into the Golden Leaves Trust where they will remain secure until the day of the funeral.

Golden Leaves Funeral Plan funds are held securely in the Golden Leaves Trust by an independent board of trustees, who are required to ensure the adequacy of funds to cover the cost of funerals when they occur.

The Golden Leaves Trust is independently audited and subject to strict actuarial reporting annually, to ensure that it remains solid, stable, completely secure and adequately funded to pay for funeral liabilities.

You are being cared for
by a historic and trusted brand

The money paid into your plan is protected until needed.
Golden Leaves Trust is completely separate from
Golden Leaves Ltd.

Overseen by a board of Independent Trustees
Regulated by Funeral Planning Authority.

Golden Leaves Trust
16th Floor No 1, 12-16 Addiscombe Road, Croydon, CR0 0XT, UK
T - 0800 85 44 48 E - secretary@goldenleaves.com