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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the payments for my funeral protected?

If paying by lump sum or 12-60 monthly instalments, the money you’ve paid for your funeral is held securely in an independently managed Golden Leaves Trust. The investment managers are tasked to manage the long-term growth of the fund, specifically to meet the increasing cost of funeral services.

How are the Trustees selected?

The Trustees regularly review and consider the membership of the Board. The Board have a rigorous and transparent process for the selection of new or additional trustees having regard to the requirements of the Board.

Is the trust owned by Golden Leaves Limited?

The trust is a fiduciary arrangement created under the terms of a trust deed for the sole purpose of safeguarding the funds required to settle the payment of funerals. The trust is completely independent of, and not controlled by, Golden Leaves Limited.  All decisions are taken by the Trustees.

Does any employee of Golden Leaves Limited act as a trustee?

The Chairman of Golden Leaves Limited provides a valuable link between the funeral industry and the Golden Leaves Trust.  However, all the other trustees are completely independent of the company and all decisions taken by the Trustees must be by majority.

What types of investments are held by the Trust?

The trust holds a widely diversified portfolio of investments including UK Government gilts and bonds, equities and other investment instruments to ensure secure long term growth to match the increasing costs of funerals – all investments are actively managed by the investment managers.

If the stock market crashed, what would happen to the investments in the trust?

The investment strategy for the trust takes a long term view and has already coped with a number of significant market fluctuations since its inception. The investments are actively reviewed and managed by the duly appointed asset managers to ensure that the investments will be more than adequate to provide for all funeral liabilities now and in the future.

What would happen to my funds, if Golden Leaves ceased trading?

Should Golden Leaves Ltd cease to trade due to liquidation, insolvency or any other reason, the Golden Leaves Trust is safe from any creditors because it is an entirely separate legal entity.  In such a situation, the trustees will find an alternative company to complete the administration of the plans.  In the first instance the trustees will request that the Rowland Brothers Funeral Group should administer all plans. In any event, you are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) should your plan provider fail. The FSCS can either ensure your funeral contract is carried out as planned, or pay cash compensation.

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